We can host your Jooma Site (any version of joomla site from 1.5 and above) to our servers located to European and U.S. datacenters
Traffic: Unlimited



Linux Virtual Private Servers

Affordable Solutions for you to have full control of the machine.
Dedicated bandwidth and CPU resources.

Traffic: Unlimited
Bandwidth: 100MBps shared port link
OS: Centos 5.x 6.x Linux Distribution (others upon request)
CPU: 4-core Xeon CPU
Full root access SSH
Remote reboot on request
IPv4 and IPv6 Dedicated IP
Custom reverse DNS

WebHosting With Cpanel

Traffic: Unlimited

No Setup Fees
Plan Includes
99.5% Uptime
Web Browser Control Panel
Unlimited Forwarders
Unlimited Auto-Responders
Unlimited Mail Blocking
Unlimited Email Aliases
Web Based Email Access
CGI, Perl, PHP, Java Server Side Includes (SSI)
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
PhpMyAdmin Support for MySQL Databases
Cron Jobs
Java Servlets Web Based Statistics (AwStats)
Password Protected Web Pages
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
SMTP Mail Server / Secure SMTP Mail Server
IMAP Mail Server / Secure IMAP Mail Server
POP3 Mail Server / Secure POP3 Mail Server
Anonymous FTP
Shopping Cart
Custom Error Pages
CGI Chat Room

VPN Services

Use our VPN server and surf using France, UK , Germany IP address.

Traffic: Unlimited
Bandwidth: 1GBps shared port
Encrypted protocol
Choice of German,French,UK based IP address
Software used OpenVPN